NYAPC Seeking God Blog

This is the blog for The New York Avenue Presbyterian Church (NYAPC) in downtown Washington DC.

Here you will find your pastor’s musings.  From Associate Pastor Alice Rose Tewell, you will also find posts around the category Digging for God. These posts mostly is her reflections on being a pastor, a mother, a partner and child of God. 

From former Senior Pastor Roger J. Gench, you will find posts around the category Food for Thought. These posts will mostly give quotations of what Roger is reading and reflecting upon in his work in engaging spirituality in the life of the NYAPC congregation.  

We also encourage our members, friends and volunteers to share their experiences at NYAPC here under the guest blogger page.

For more information on the church’s history, ministries, and vision, please visit www.nyapc.org.  You are also welcome to visit us on Facebook.

Blessings on your journey.