gecomprimeerd Anneke Kaai Death(1)

From my Theology from the Trenches: “According to the NT book of Revelation, Christians need to resist and agitate. In his commentary on Revelation, Brian Blount says that the gist of the message of this book is this: Christ is telling the seven churches to which Revelation is addressed to “pick a fight!” To this end, Blount points out that the Greek word hypomone that Revelation uses to describe this posture, often translated as “endurance,” can and should be translated as “non-violent resistance” and entails imitating Christ. Here is Blount’s translation of Revelation 2:2, Christ’s words to the Ephesian church: “I know your works, which are your struggle and your non-violent resistance. Because you cannot bear evil people, you tested the ones who called themselves apostles but are not and you found them to be liars.” In Revelation, the test for truthfulness is the crucified Christ, or what I have previously called cruciformity. The cross of Christ is the interpretive lens through which they (and we) are called view the world in order to unmask its deformities, defacements and oppression. The cross is the lens by which we can discern what we are called to be and do in order to expand our personal and collective hearts so that we might truly live into the covenantal loves of the Great Commandment.”



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