NYAPC Children and Youth for March 13, 2015

Dear Children, Youth, Parents, Teachers and Supporters, Here’s what’s on deck for Sunday March 13 for Children and Youth @ NYAPC.   Here will you find out about worship, worship play, gathering time and Sunday School. Hope to see you!  Alice 

In Worship 

This week the choir will be sharing parts of Mozart’s Requiem with us.  It is my understanding that Mozart composed this mass when he was dying.  In many ways, it could be his final prayer.  imgres-1

Here  is the first part from the Introit and Kyrie “Grant them eternal rest, Lord, and let perpetual light shine on us.  You are praised, God in Zion, and homage will be paid to You in Jerusalem.  Hear my prayer, to You all flesh will come.  Grant them eternal rest, Lord, and let perpetual light shine on them.”

 There will be guest instrumentalists at the 11:00 am service.  So that your children can see well, you might consider sitting toward the front.

Worship Play

The first reading in worship will be John 12:1-8, the story of Mary Magdalene anointing Jesus.  We will read the story again using the paraphrase from the Storybook Bible by Desmond Tutu.

The take away message is that God is showing us how to be generous with our love. Mary uses the very best she had to anoint Jesus.  The oil she used cost a lot and some people said that by using this precious oil on Jesus she was wasting money.  Being generous often means taking a risk for our faith.  We will talk about when we should take a risk for our faith and how we know when we should take a risk.  We will look for 3 good clues on whether we should take a risk from the Mary anointing Jesus story. (What other clues should we look for?)

a.) Does this risk help you love God more?

b.) Does this risk show others about God’s love?

c.) Would you be proud to share this risk with your parents or other adults you trust?

We will read Nerdy Birdy (related to the John 12:1-8 text) by Aaron Reynolds and Beyond the Pond  (related to Isaiah 43, another lectionary text we won’t be using in worship, but is wonderful) by Joseph Kuefler. Here’s more  from Storypath at Union Seminary:

Gathering Time:

For the 4th week of Lent, our object for our Lenten jars/ boxes was a marbleimgres.  It is so much more fun to play with marbles (or most games in general) with others.  The question to discuss:  How is God teaching you to share?

For the 5th week of Lent, our object is a Band-aid.  The message here is God is always with us in good time and in times when we are in pain.  God also wants us to be healers for others.   How can we be healers? 

WORMS FOR LENT tie in….Green onions are known for their healing properties.  They were once used in most every Chinese recipe because they were known to help the body stay healthy.

The children planted these onions the 1st Sunday of Lent with last year’s compost.  They are ready to eat and perhaps be a healing agent.  Healing agents can come in unexpected places and unexpected ways.  For the children (and perhaps adults too): How can you be an unexpected healer?  How do you see healing in unexpected ways? 


Sunday School: 

Pre K:  Easter!  (part 1 of 2)

K-4:  Maundy Thursday Lesson from Matthew 26: 26-30, 36-50

(Upper Elementary + Middle School Choir Rehearsal this week at 10:30 am! Here is the complete calendar.)

Middle School: Jesus Christ: Jerusalem  Matthew 21:1-11 

Confirmation/ High School:  Quest for the Living God, chapter 4, the Liberating God of Life. Here is a good reading guide.




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