Divine Compassion



From Elizabeth Johnson’s Quest for the Living God: “Seeing the living God as Creator not just of human beings but of the whole world in which we humans are embedded, ecological theology finds warrant to cross the species line and extend this divine solidarity to all creatures. It proposes that the Creator Spirit dwells in compassionate solidarity with every living being that suffers, from the dinosaurs wiped out by an asteroid to the baby impala eaten by a lioness. Not a sparrow falls to the ground without eliciting a knowing suffering in the heart of God. Such an idea is not meant to glorify suffering, a trap that must be carefully avoided. But it works out an implication of the Creator Spirit’s relation to an evolutionary, suffering world with an eye to divine compassion. Nature’s crying out is met by the Spirit, who groans with the labor pains of all creation to bring the new to birth (Rom 8:22). Thus is the pattern of cross and resurrection rediscovered on a cosmic scale.”



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