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From Wendy Farley’s Wounding and Healing of Desire: “Contemplation is an analogous awakening of desire. With this awakening, awareness dawns of how little we are able to love, how bound we are to our fears. This is why the great saints describe themselves as such terrible “sinners.” They become more and more aware of the awesome infinity of love open to them. Contemplative desire sparks our awareness of this infinity of love within us and available to us, just as the knowledge of that single word “water” made Helen Keller know that a universe of connection was available to her. From one word, an infinity of meaning opened. From the tiniest taste of Eros, the infinity of love manifest in every soul and spiraling through the endlessness of our own soul is apprehended. The thirst of contemplation lives in the gap between that single taste and the infinity of the cosmos.”


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