Holy Wednesday


From Ted Jennings’ Transforming Atonement: “What seems to make the cross so important for the Gospels (as well as for Paul) is that it demonstrates the fundamental conflict between a mission directed toward life and the actually existing arrangements of the world, both political and religious. What is at stake is no mere amelioration of existing arrangements, but a fundamental opposition between these arrangements and the will and purpose of God…What God wills is the transformation of the world, announced as the coming of the divine reign of justice and generosity and joy…The cross is then a rather clear-eyed view of what follows not of necessity but predictably, from a call for radical transformation. The avoidance of the cross, therefore, leads us to underestimate the deep violence of the world in which we live, or may lead us unwittingly to collaborate in that violence by calling for a less radical transformation. Thus, the message concerning the cross of the Messiah seems to be essential to any theology that seeks to be clear about…the mission and ministry of transformation, a mission that seeks to genuinely enact the justice and mercy of the God who comes.”



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