Maundy Thursday

Mveng Uganda Martyrs Altar Libermann College Douala Cameroun

From Douglas John Hall’s Cross in our Context: “Christianity make the astonishing claim that God, who is preeminent in the only unqualified sense of that word, for the sake of creature’s shalom suffered – suffers – the loss precisely of that preeminence.   In the words of Reinhold Niebuhr, ‘The crux of the cross is the revelation of the fact that the final power of God over humans is derived from the self-imposed power of God’s love.’ Not incidentally, Niebuhr’s qualifying adjective is tremendously important here: ‘self-imposed weakness.’ Against Nietzche, the pastor’s son who complained so bitterly about the ‘feminine’ weakness of the Christian God and his Christ, Niebuhr recognizes here that God’s apparent weakness is the sign and consequence of a strength that is greater than mere brawn: it is the strength that is demanded of those who voluntarily forfeit their strength in order to be strong for the other.”


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