Good Friday

gecomprimeerd Anneke Kaai Death(1)

From my Cross Examen: Theologian Kristine Culp tells an arresting story of meeting a gang member from Los Angeles who had unusual marks upon him: the word “Florence” was tattooed on his forehead, over his skull, and around his neck. The tattoo defined him as belonging to a particular neighborhood—one ruled by his gang. The tattoo carried the threat of violence against anyone who would disrespect his hood. Culp met the man at an agency that aids people trying to escape L.A.’s violent gang culture. Through the ministry of this agency, the man found an alternative culture of love and forgiveness that helped him reconstruct his life. As a result, this former gang member was literally changing the marks upon him; he was in the midst of the painful process of tattoo removal, which required “months of treatment and entailed what are essentially second-degree burns.” This story is an apt metaphor for our human condition, for we also bear the marks of violence upon us, perhaps not physically, but spiritually, for the same violence that crucified Jesus crucifies us. But God in Christ is always at work, bringing life out of death, healing our wounds, resurrecting us from the death-tending ways of the world, and inviting our participation in the divine cosmic restoration project.



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