Easter Yearning


From Wendy Farley’s The Wounding and Healing of Desire: “The smallest opening of our heart to adoration of our Lover [God] and … compassion for all beings shows us the endless beauty of beings — receding endlessly beyond our capacity to love them. And every time the floor opens beneath us and we realize the poverty of our imagination, our thirst and our anguish fuse in the paradoxical sweetness of contemplative desire. The economy of desire is not toward possession. Certainty remains within the economy of possession, and the way of contemplation leads us in the opposite site direction. Markers thin out. Beliefs, images of God, practices, goals, and moral commitments that seemed self-evident or essential lose their stability. We may wish to assuage the anguish of desire with clarity and certainty, but certainty is a pleasure one must learn to do without. In its place, it is only the more intense burning of desire that is our guide. Desire is like a magnet, weak at first and finding the object that pulls it only with difficulty. Naturally, we make mistakes and are tortured by doubt. We remain unclear about what to believe, and practice; whom to believe; and how to test the wandering insights of our hearts. We can be aided by all of the resources available to us, but it is desire itself that draws us implacably to our Beloved. Through all of our mistakes and lack of clarity, desire continues to seek out what draws it. The urgency of desire moves us through the difficulties we encounter and allows them to he purifying rather than overwhelming.”



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