Easter Glory


From my Theology from the Trenches: “[S]elf-interest is not a concept alien to Christian theological reflection. One way or another, we will find ourselves motivated by self-interest. As deforming manifestations of self-interest in our lives are exposed and transformed through service and attentive, holy listening to God and to others, by God’s grace we are liberated from lives of self-absorption and enter into the fulfilling experience of loving God, neighbor and self in ways that bear witness to our true identity as God’s own people, formed in the divine image. As such, we are shaped for joyful service in the world patterned on Jesus’ example that seeks the good of others as our own good. Like the tree that gives glory to God by being a tree, we give glory to God by living out of our essential nature. Released from “the great suck of self,” we can be fat cats sitting in the sun.”




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