Easter Purification

Doortocht door de Rode Zee

From Wendy Farley’s The Wounding and Healing of Desire: “Through this dialogue of mutual desire, over time interior awareness of the faith we acquired but did not believe even as children is carried more deeply into us: the gracious adoration of Holy Mystery for us requires nothing at all of us. In whatever tiny measure we awaken to desire for the Beloved, we become aware that the infinite depths of the Beloved’s desire for us preceded us: the eternity of divine love for us walks before us, follows after us, protects us from above, nourishes us from below, and burns within us. It can no more abandon us that it can abandon its own nature. The sublime indifference of our Beloved to our imperfections can be almost intolerable. We crave this Love yet find it unbearable. Desire teaches us to detach from our certainties and our need to be perfect, releasing more and more fully into the flow of desire between Holy Eros and ourselves. In this way, the painfulness of desire, the anguish of uncertainty, and the inevitability of errors that harm ourselves and others become as nothing compared to the urgency of desire as it carries us to our Beloved. It is this loving and being loved that purifies us, removes the “rust” from our souls, and makes us ‘as white as the cotton grass of the moor.’”



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