Statement of Faith Writing Helps…


Dear Church!  3 of the youth (9th/10th graders) have gone through a year and half process of learning about, reflecting, and praying on their faith, engaging in service, and being in dialogue with each other, older high schoolers and adult mentors.  Now, it’s time for them to begin to write their Statements of Faith to present to the Session in May and to be received into membership in the church on Youth Sunday, June 19th. (also Juneteeth and Father’s Day) 

Will you pray for our students as they write their statements?

Will you also consider revisiting what YOU believe by writing a statement of faith too?

Here are some basic guidelines (written mostly for our confirmation students, but Alice thinks others could find these useful too.)

Basic Guidelines:

Your Statement of faith is a reflection of what you believe about God and faith at this point in your life, right now.  It should sound like you.

It is okay if you have written a statement of faith before. Perhaps you believe something a bit different than you did before.  Or, perhaps your statement has developed a bit since the last time you wrote it.

Your statements should be in the first person “I” example:  “I believe God is bigger than time and space because I experience God in everyday moments of life.  I see God not just in times when we are supposed to experience God, like in church, but also in less expected times like on my way to school.  In these experiences, I believe that God both huge in that God is in the whole world and small in that God completely knows me….…” 

Tip:  State WHAT it is that you are talking about WHAT you BELIEVE about it and WHY it is important to you and your faith.

It is totally okay to have DOUBT in your statement of faith.

If you aren’t sure what something means, you might check back in any notes from the last year and our big confirmation packet of what we have done so far.  You might use the books we have used including the Gospel of Mark, Marked, the Psalms, Genesis, Faith Seeking Understanding by Daniel Migliore and The Quest for the Living God by Elizabeth Johnson.

You might also look up faith statements written by other people including the Brief Statement of Faith, which we use every week in worship for our Affirmation of Faith.  The Nicene Creed is also a good starting place. 

Things you should probably include in your statements:

How you relate to/ What you believe about:

  • Godimages-4
  • Jesus
  • Holy Spirit
  • The Trinity (Triune God)
  • The Bible
  • The Church
  • Baptism/ Communion (The two Sacraments)
  • Worship
  • Grace and love

Then, you might also want to pick some from this list: 

  • What God’s calling-vocation-purpose for you is
  • Mission- Service
  • Stewardship-Giving back to God
  • Creation-Life Cycle
  • Prayer & Spirituality
  • Church history
  • Reforming and changing church
  • Evangelism-Sharing Faith
  • Other religions and people with different beliefs
  • Process of faith formation





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