(beginning)STEM Sunday School – JOY + Discipleship = ?

Last week some of the upper elementary kiddos did a great math problem.   We were talking about what it means to be a disciple (a follower of Jesus Christ).

Days in the week (7) multiply by hours per day (24) = 168  hours

They figured they spend about 3 hours a week at church.  So, 168-3 = 165 hours.

Then they figured they sleep about 8 hours a night.  S0 8 X 7 = 56

165 total not-in-the-church building hours minus 56 hours of sleep = 109 hours

109 hours is the number of hours each week that we are to be active disciples in the world. 

So, what do you DO with your 109 hours?  How do you ACT in your 109 hours?  What do you THINK about? How do you EXPERIENCE this time?

We’ll be considering this question for the next few weeks.

We might think 109 hours –that’s a lot.  That’s a lot of time serving others — and frankly a lot of time being actively loving and kind and … perhaps that might sound a bit tiring.

And it should sound like A LOT because it is.  But is also shouldn’t sound like an impossible to accomplish number.

Being a disciple is all about serving God.  And serving God should be about JOY.

What brings you JOY?   

So the math problem for this week is:

X = One thing that representing the thing that brings you joy; X will always be 1 for this problem…

Y = the number of hours you do that thing in the a week

Z = total number of hours to think about how that thing that brings YOU joy is growing you as a disciple of Christ

(X)(Y)  =   Z

For example, for me,

X = running outside;  Y = 3 hours a week

so (1)(3) = 3

So for my mighty 3 hours,  my faith is strengthened through outside running.  My senses are cleared.  I’m grounded to the land through the strike of my foot on the pavement and the passing scenery.  I’m connected to those around me by just witnessing who also uses the path.  When I run, I give thanks for the strength to do just that, to live in a place where I feel safe and secure, and to be able to have the freedom in my day to spend working on my mental and physical health.  In these 3 hours, I hope I’m renewed a bit to be a disciple in the world.

So, what brings you JOY?  How does this JOY help you be a disciple of Christ? 

Here’s the challenge:

Figure out what brings you joy!  It can be lots of things.  Take a picture of each thing. Then, think about how that thing helps your faith grow.  When your faith is growing, you are growing as a disciple of Christ.  Write a caption on the photo and email it to me or post it to the church Facebook page.

Here’s my example:

Running + Faith = Helping me get grounded 

(And I’m clearly not a math teacher/ leader/ guide, so I hope the kiddos (or anyone) can help me come up with a more complex math problem)



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