Discipleship! Children and Youth for April 17, 2016

Upper Elementary Students Bowling Fun! 

As a reminder, you are invited to PARK-PLAY Saturday, April 16 from 10:00-11:30 am at Bluemont Park in Arlington.  The Tewells will bring the eats.  Hope to see you!  (If you would RSVP to me (alice) if you haven’t already, that would be great.)


Hello!  This week we continue to think and talk about what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.  For gathering time, we will continue with the great math problem the upper elementary kiddos started last week.  We will talk about discipleship and JOY, particularly the connection of discipleship to the things we love.  I talk about this idea (and the math) more here.

For worship play, the kiddos will read the story about Tabitha-Dorcus from Acts 9:32-43. I’m preaching on this text this week. The take away for the kiddos is to think about Tabitha’s amazing care and generous acts toward those who needed help the most. (The widows).  We should remember Tabitha as a great disciple who served people by making clothes for them.  Clothes making, especially back then was really hard work!  She might even had to shear the sheep, spin the wool, and then weave it on the loom before even sewing it together. How has someone shown God’s love to you by making you something? How can the kiddos show God’s love by making something with their hands for others? 

If there is enough time, the children will read Miss Fannie’s Hat by Jan Karon and other related books.

During children’s time in worship Marilyn Seiber will be sharing pictures the children at the First Reformed Church of Havana, Cuba made on gratefulness.  Our children will be invited to draw pictures on what gratefulness means for them.  In the context of the Tabitha story, they might think of the feelings of gratefulness the widows felt when making the hand-spun-sewn clothes.  Without Tabitha, they might not clothes to wear!  Tabitha’s hand-made clothes for them were literally life-giving.

For Sunday School, here’s what’s coming up:

  • PreK:  Class 2 of 2 on NOAH!
  • K-4:  Mary and Martha
  • Middle School/ High School:  Statements of Faith Part 2!





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