Earth Day Discipleship + NYAPC Children and Youth – April 24

Happy Earth day!  Happy earth week!  

The strawberries that we planted on Easter!

For gathering time on 4/24, we will focus on Earth Day: Our  question for the day is:  As a disciple of Jesus Christ, how can you help heal the world?  (On band-aid cut-outs, we’ll hang our ideas and visions up on a map.)

Yea for Sunday School!  Here’s what we’ll do:

  • PreK: Balaam the talking donkey!
  • K-4: The Prodigal Son from Luke 15
  • Middle and High School:   We will start planning for YOUTH SUNDAY, which is June 19th.  (single 10 am service.)

For worship play, we will read the 1st reading from the service from Revelation 21.  We will read the “Promise of a New Earth” from Desmond Tutu’s Children of God Storybook Bible. Here’s the text:

When the disciple John was very old, God send him dreams and visions. He saw that there would be wars and famine and floods and terrible disasters.  But God told John, “Soon I will make a new heaven and new earth. Then every tear will be wiped away.  I will be with my people, and they will be with me.  Everyone will live in peace and joy.”

God showed John a vision of this holy place. It glittered with gold and previous tones, and the sky was so bright there was no need for the sun or moon to give light.

“From this place,” God said, “will flow the river of life, and from it I will give the water of life to everyone who is thirsty.  On either side of the river will be the tree of life, and the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations.  You are my children.  You are all brothers and sisters together, my family.  Come and drink, my beloved children, from the water that gives you life, love and joy!”

Prayer:  Dear God, help me to make your dram of a new earth come true.

From there, we will ask:   What do we LOVE most about God’s creation?  (I love all things that have to do with water; I’ll always choose the ocean first, but then I will also take a lake, stream, river, pool and even a water table + hose or shower in a pinch..)

Then we will talk about how we can make a BIG difference for God’s earth.  

From there we will read  There’s No Such Thing as Little by LeUyen Pham and Creation by Gerlad McDermott.




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