Daily Examen



From Sleeping with Bread by Dennis, Sheila and Matthew Linn: “I (Matt) need the [daily] examen because of my pessimistic outlook. I am one of those who feels bad when he feels good for fear he will feel worse when he feels better. (In Africa I did manage to find a more pessimistic person. When I told him that we should change our pessimism because optimists live longer, he replied, “It serves them right!”) I am also a perfectionist. At a workshop, ten people might compliment me while only one person might tell me something that could be improved. I forget get the ten compliments and remember only what could be improved. I need the examen to help me notice not only what goes wrong but especially what goes right. Each night I first get in touch with what I am grateful for from the day and I give thanks. Then I ask what I am not so grateful for. When I discover something I am not grateful for, I name it, feel it, and appreciate that I am not denying it and God is with me in it. Healing occurs to the degree I welcome all my feelings and let myself be loved in them. In this way I honestly acknowledge pain and I take in love. Then I can usually fall asleep with a grateful heart.”



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