Faith, not Sight

Berndnaut Smilde Cumulus II 2012From Douglas John Hall’s The Cross in Our Context: “What would adherence to the theology of the cross mean for… Christian mission?… First.., Christians do not know – they trust; they do not possess truth – they bear witness to the living therefore unpossessible Truth; they do not proclaim themselves or the church but the one towards whom their faith is oriented (2 Cor. 4:5), whom they experience as being utterly transcendent of their faith as such. When it is truly foundational, such a theology has no room for the assumption of ultimacy, ownership, or inerrancy. That at least much be said. A theology that bases itself in faith alone (sola fide) cannot in its worldly witness legitimately behave as though it were infallible…In its dialogue with those who do not belong to the household of this faith, including, surely, those of other faiths, the disciple community may not present itself as though it had seen what no one else could possibly see. It could only prove a contradiction of itself as the community of faith were it to act…as if it had already passed from faith to sight…If I am conscious of the fact that my own stance is one of faith, not sight, I must be open to the possibility that the other – a human being like myself – has something to bring to our meeting. At the very least, I should not be able to treat the other as a mere receptacle for my message!…I should be obliged to think that the other might have positive or corrective insight to bring to me.”



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