The Good

IMG_0689From Wendy Farley’s The Wounding and Healing of Desire: Weaving Heaven and Earth: “The habit of egocentrism is supported by the ego’s distinctive mode of awareness. The ego is acutely aware of what it directly experiences, but it is a skeptic and tends to be dismissive of what it does not experience. Pain and pleasure completely dominate the ego’s awareness of itself and of the world. Pain is pain. It is completely real. Pleasure is also completely real. Pleasure, because it is so pleasant, is to be sought. Pain, because it is so painful, is to be shunned, avoided, and feared. Generally speaking, pain and pleasure are good guides for survival. Food and sex are pleasant and help us survive; injury and danger are painful and threaten our lives. But the mind and the heart can move far ahead of its and bring back news of distant joys and sublime risks that awareness of pain and pleasure cannot envision. We have the power within us to overcome our fear of pain and our excessive attachment to momentary pleasure. We can be aware of goods that are infinitely more satisfying, delicious, sustaining, and delightful.”


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