The River


From Wendy Farley’s The Wounding and Healing of Desire:”Weaving Heaven and Earth: “The fruit of contemplation is this and perhaps only this-the deepening experiential awareness of [God’s] love. As we know ourselves as lovers of Christ, this same love radiates through us to the world. This love is like water that moves from the Divine Eros to us and back and at the same time through everything created, bathing everything in this one love. But it is so hard to take it in. As Meister Eckhart says, it is sometimes only when we are deprived of the capacity to do good works or perhaps even work of any kind – that the radicality of Christ’s love for us can become apparent. The economy of exchange, of reward and punishment, of pain and pleasure, does not let go of us easily. Sometimes the economy of Eros has to be written on our bodies, in hopes that it will penetrate to our hearts, minds, and spirits. When our bodies are incapacitated and yet we feel the rush of Erotic love more than ever, we may begin to understand that it is nothing we do that makes the Divine Eros flow through us and among us. Our “work” is to learn to rest in this river. It is from this rest that whatever good we can do will flow.”



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