Water into Water


From Wendy Farley’s The Thirst for God: Contemplating God’s Love with Three Women Mystics: “In the fifth century, Pseudo-Dionysius [speaks of] the divine Eros as the energy that creates the cosmos and restores the soul to its original lucidity.  Religious desire is not an extrinsic emotion. It is not like wishing for something external to oneself—food, pleasure, security. It is a heart-energy that transforms the substance of humanity back into the divine image. Longing is not only for God; in a sense, it is God. It is through love that we abide in God and God in us (John 15). Speaking of God’s lovers, Pseudo-Dionysius says, “their longing for the Good makes them what they are and confers on them their well-being. Shaped by what they yearn for, they exemplify goodness.” For Pseudo-Dionysius … desire is not entirely self-generated. Humanity desires God because God desires humanity. Desire flows between us and unites us as water is poured into water. Human desire flows from divine desire: “The divine longing is Good seeking good for the sake of the Good. That yearning which creates all the goodness of the world preexisted superabundantly within the Good and did not allow it to remain without issue.” Modern Christianity has tended to focus more on belief than desire. Fundamentalism is the extreme example of this: salvation depends on believing certain things. Unfortunately, too often this emphasis on belief fails to translate into a loving heart. But for theologians such as…Pseudo-Dionysius, it is the heart that matters. Belief and praise are ways to orient the heart toward the divine, but beliefs cannot themselves transform us into the divine goodness. Their theology is an attempt to find words for the awakening of the heart by love.”



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