From Douglas John Hall’s The Cross in Our Context: “The world is not fated to either evil or unambiguous good, destruction or fulfillment – neither the destruction of the apocalyptic dispensationalist nor the inevitable fulfillment of modernity. God and evil, wheat and tares, light and darkness, struggle together. Each day brings its new possibilities and its new responsibilities; doors open; other doors close. We believe, as disciples of the crucified one, that the essential goodness of the world, its nature and its history; cannot be thwarted, for God is committed to it in longsuffering love. The God of the exodus and the cross has goodwill toward, and good intentions for, the world…Yet we are not and cannot be complacent or passive in relation to this assurance; for the measure with which we are grasped by that divine blessing is the measure with which we ourselves are made active participants in its promise.”



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