The Mystical Body of Christ


From Brigitte Kahl’s Galatians Reimagined: “The Politics of Love: One of the most succinct formulas [The Apostle] Paul uses to describe the messianic transformation of love is the term allelon (one another), which is derived from the Greek allos-allos, literally ‘other-other.’ It might be best rendered one-anotherness or one-and-otherness. The term occurs no fewer that seven times in Galatians 5-6. It points to the key feature of the new human being and a truly humane order. In a constant revolving and ‘revolutionary’ movement of self to other, the ego loses and retrieves itself in the other, for the other, through the other, with the other, constantly dying and being resurrected, living no longer as self but as the mystical body of Christ. This is ‘love your neighbor as your-self’ which is the complete fulfillment of Torah (Gal. 5:14). Love means continual mindfulness in discerning, disobeying, and unfreezing the antithetical nomos of self versus other that is set in stone and cast in iron everywhere; that imprisons and deforms every human being under the regimen of what Paul calls ‘sin.’”



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