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From Wendy Farley’s The Thirst for God: Contemplating God’s Love with Three Women Mystics [speaking here of the medieval mystic Julian of Norwich]: “At the beginning of her vision, Julian saw Jesus’ thirst on the cross but she quickly understood that God’s thirst was not for water but for humanity itself: “For the thirst of God is to have all humanity [drawn] into him, in which thirst he has drawn his holy souls that are now in bliss. And so gathering his living members, ever he draws and drinks and yet he continues to thirst and long.” This divine longing will endure as long as there is any member of the human body that remains estranged or cut off from the body of Christ. Through desire, all of creation is united into a great and beautiful body. Its beauty has beguiled the Trinity and the Trinity will thirst for ever deeper intimacy with its betrothed beloved. Desire knits creation into a single fabric, the object of the divine devotion. Desire knits humanity back to its source, its love, and its fulfillment. Desire flows from one human being to another. Desire causes us to delight in one another’s beauty and to feel compassion for each other’s difficulties. We desire one another’s good just as God desires ours. These desires—for God, for good, for joy, for union, for the beauty of creation created and restored—are all one desire. They are splinters of the divine desire, spinning off to dwell throughout creation. These desires are the threads that the Holy Trinity uses to bind creation back together and draw it into the divine heart.”



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