Roots of Justice

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From Wendy Farley’s The Wounding and Healing of Desire:”Weaving Heaven and Earth: “The work that follows focuses on dimensions of the human spirit that Protestantism, especially in the Reformation traditions, has tended to ignore. One of the virtues of at least some strands of contemporary Christianity is its attentiveness to issues of justice in the social and political realms. Because Christians are called to a vocation of love, and love is grieved by suffering, and much suffering is caused by injustice, attention to justice is integral to Christian tian practice. Attention to the interior landscape of human beings is not a rejection of the claims of justice. To the contrary, attention to our interiority deepens our capacity for justice. Or rather, it roots justice in the well-spring of compassion. Justice without compassion can make demands on us but fail to feed us. It can tend toward self-righteousness or hatred of opponents. There is nothing individualistic about seeking to understand why it is so much easier ier to feel indifference or disdain for others than to love them. Attention to interiority can resuscitate our capacities for relationship and ignite in us the desire for compassion and delight in life. In this sense it is integral to the desire for justice.”



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