The Emissary

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From Wendy Farley’s The Wounding and Healing of Desire: Weaving Heaven and Earth: “When, like Dante, we pass through this sweet, excruciating fire we come to the great emptiness where the divine burns beyond light and darkness in a purity and luminescence that nothing can stain. Desire is the thread that runs from this emptiness through fire, and through all the hidden recesses of our minds. We may not see it, a tiny star-flower hidden among the weeds and trash and holder flowers that bloom in our consciousness. But if we catch a glimpse of even the tiniest flash of this holy desire, we have found our way home. This desire does not require that we know the way home or that we master virtues that enable us to walk a way of perfection. Desire does not wait until we are free of illusion and anger. Desire itself will guide us, past and through all of our mistakes, pain, losses, and moments of despair. If we can connect with even the smallest hint of this desire, which emanates from the divine image deep within us, then nothing, not even ourselves, selves, can break this thread that leads us home. Desire does not protect us from the difficulties of the world. Far from leading us away from pain, it leads us through the demon-haunted wilderness that blocks us from the courage to love the world, to feel compassion for its aches, and to delight in its beauty. Desire does not prevent pain, but it ameliorates the tyranny of pain. With the confidence of true lovers, we can, like Psyche, throw ourselves into nothingness and find ourselves held up by Eros. Living in the world is difficult, and we hide from ourselves, from one another, and from the gracious Beloved that longs for us so earnestly. Desire is the emissary of the Beloved, and it lends us the courage and strength and hope we need for this work of healing.”



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