From Shelly Rambo’s Spirit and Trauma: A Theology of Remaining: “To reconnect a person to the world in the aftermath of a traumatic event, it is essential to first reconnect a person to the movements of her body, enabling her to reestablish and navigate her physical connection to the world. Reconnecting people to their own breath is an essential first step in trauma healing. The pneumatological possibilities are rich here, given that I have imaged the Spirit as divine breath. For those who experience trauma, regaining access to one’s own breath is a gateway to reconnection. In the witness of Mary Magdalene, she does not recognize Jesus by direct access to any of the senses. Instead, there is a sensorium, a chorus of interaction between the senses taking place. The Spirit witnesses, enacting the senses—sight, sound, touch, and smell—attempting to align and orient her to a different way of being in the world…To witness…involves trying to grasp a sense of things in the darkness , attempting to move towards life without knowing its shape. The spark, the faint glimmer that remains, is the movement of Spirit, witnessing to the depths. A faint breath, a weary love, persists. If we conceive of Spirit as breath, we can think about each of these senses as powered by breath. The Spirit’s witness, then, is always a double movement of tracking and sensing, attending to what lingers of death and sensing life.”



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