New Creation

gecomprimeerd Anneke Kaai Death(1)

From Michael Crosby’s Fruit of the Spirit: Pauline Mysticism for the Church Today: “If everything old has passed away and everything has become new by being “in Christ,” this includes how we think about the passion and death of Jesus and especially how we understand and interpret his resurrection and embodiment in the lives of believers, who are the church. Thus Luke Timothy Johnson writes, “Thinking about the Resurrection in temporal terms, however, is misleading. The Resurrection is better spoken of as an existential reality; not as one event among others but as an act of God that reveals and changes the structures of existence. Paul speaks of the resurrection-life as a ‘new creation’ (Gal. 6:15) in which everything old has passed away and ‘behold, everything is new’ (2 Cor. 5:17).” It is not only how we understand the resurrection of Jesus Christ and our embodiment of this reality in our experience, but that we are to give evidence of being “in Christ” in the way we move from everything old that separates to bring about a new structure of existence based on inclusion and communion. This new creation is to be the personal and social identifier of every individual Christian and each and every Christian community.”



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