From Wendy Farley’s The Wounding and Healing of Desire: “There are a million or more ways to wrestle with the nature of personhood or the peculiarities of our minds or the difficulties of our fate. Desire is the clue we will be tracking here. We will begin by looking at the way people sing of the poignant yearning that undergirds desire. Thinking about all of the ordinary things people long for opens us to a memory of the depth and mystery of our hearts, because we long not only for this or that thing but for happiness itself, for wisdom, and for love that abides. This kind of desire, which the things of the world do not completely satisfy, also tells us something about ourselves. When we look at leaves on trees, they appear to us green and lovely, but when the sun hits them just right, they glint like stars fallen to earth. Desire is like this. Surging underneath our ordinary desires is a brilliant desire that makes us glisten like stars.”


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