From Michael Crosby’s The Fruit of the Spirit: “I am convinced that the discipline of developing a mystical stance begins with becoming conscious or mindful or aware of one’s breathing. This is not only good for daily living but is a basic discipline for cultivating a more mystical consciousness. And well it should be, for the Spirit of God, as we have seen … is the “breath of God.” When we practice deep breathing, we discipline ourselves to become conscious of our connectedness “in Christ,” which links us to everyone and everything in the cosmos. In this way we are aware of a new creation that is evolving into ever-greater forms of communion and love. Here there is no more separation, only connectedness. In breathing in, I breathe in everyone and everything in a way that should make me an embodiment of the new creation. In breathing out, I release from myself and my control anything that may be an obstacle to the grace of the Spirit breathing in me.



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