Love at the Heart


From Michael Crosby’s The Fruit of the Spirit: Pauline Mysticism for the Church Today: “A key thesis of this book is that, even for those who have not had a mystical experience in their lives or who have been unable to identify such an experience, the future of Christianity nonetheless demands that we develop a mystical stance toward everyone and everything in the universe. Although it is not that recognized, this notion was at the heart of all the writings of Teilhard de Chardin. Because God is love and has created everything in the cosmos to be an image of that love, and because everything in the cosmos is in the process of being Christified into that self-giving love, love was at the heart of his cosmology, his phenomenology, his spirituality, and, indeed, his whole personal and academic endeavors. God was the God of all; thus love was to be the heart of everyone and everything.”



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