Communion of Saints


From Wendy Farley’s The Wounding and Healing of Desire: “Home is only one of the icons desire puts before us to give concreteness to inchoate longings. Although actual communities are filled to overflowing with strife, harshness, absurdities, trivialities, injustices, violence, pettiness, and so on, folk music continuously mourns the loss of community. …There is something chilling about being a stranger to those around one: to be invisible to one’s own family, to be unseen by society. There is a sense in which we hardly exist without recognition. There is also a sense in which we remain strangers throughout our lives even to those who love us… This longing for eyes that see us and faces that recognize us is desire’s insistence that the communion of saints is not a fantasy but our actual condition. We feel the solitariness of life so poignantly because desire insists that communion is available to us.”



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