The New Creation

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From Brigitte Kahl’s Commentary on Galatians in The Fortress Comentary on the Bible: “The cross obviously features prominently all throughout Galatians, including the final handwritten postscript in 6:11–18. In 6:14–15 , Paul boldly declares that he is crucified to the (old) kosmos and the kosmos to him, because the dichotomies on which the established world order ( kosmos ) rests have been dissolved and left behind. The cross thus opens up an ongoing transformation of self and other toward reconciliation and mutuality that clearly transcends the realm of humans. Paul is crucified to the entire kosmos with its multiple polarities, not just its faith-based, ethnic, and social divisions. Echoing the biblical creation accounts in Genesis 1–3 and Isa. 43:18–19 ; 65:17–25, the “new creation” in Gal. 6:15 that is born out of the cross, then, would be more than simply a new society or religion, it would rather comprise the entirety of the human and nonhuman world.”



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