Do not kill


From Michael Gorman’s Becoming the Gospel: “Theologian Stanley Hauerwas has written a brilliant book titled War and the American Difference: Theological Reflections on Violence and National Identity. In response to a critical review of that book, self-­confessed atheist Noah Berlatsky lauds the intellectual and theological perceptiveness of Hauerwas, concluding his main remarks as follows: ‘Hauerwas is definitively, defiantly Christian. His message, therefore, is specifically to Christians. It is Christians, first, he believes, who must determine not to kill each other. It is Christians, first, who must reject the morality of war for the morality of the Cross. On the one hand, this is something of a relief for atheists like myself. Since I’m not a believer, I can cheerfully keep paying taxes for cluster bombs and hating my neighbor just as I’ve always done. Still, there is a bit of discomfort there too. If, after all, Christians were actually to take up Hauerwas’ challenge, if they were actually to bear witness to nonviolence and transform the world well, I’d hate to say it, obviously, but it would be hard to escape the suspicion that that might actually be the work of God.’”



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