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From Michael Crosby’s The Fruit of the Spirit: Pauline Mysticism for the Church Today: “Scholars have debated the precise significance of rûah ĕlōhîm in Gen. 1: 2c. Some translated it as “Spirit of God,” “wind from God,” or even “terrible storm”; the context invites the phrase to be translated as the very “breath of God” or “God’s creative force that permeates the entire universe or cosmos.” In other words, using today’s cosmological insights, for the believer, God’s rûah is the ultimate energy at the heart of all energy that is massed as matter. When we consider God’s rûah from this perspective, God does not “send” [God’s] Spirit; the Spirit of God is that which makes everything’s beginning be at [the] beginning! And if this Spirit is what/ who makes matter/ creation, then creation is evolving to become ever-more fulfilled or transformed into Spirit. Even more so, since this Spirit of God is the love of God, all creation (for the believer) is in the process of moving to ever-greater spiritualization or love.”



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