From Michael Crosby’s The Fruit of the Spirit: Pauline Mysticism for the Church Today: “Pope Francis has said, “The goodness of God does not have limits and does not discriminate against anyone.” In a similar way Richard Rohr has written, “The goodness of God fills all the gaps of the universe, without discrimination or preference. God is the gratuity of absolutely everything. The space in between everything is not space at all but Spirit. God is the “‘ goodness glue’ that holds the dark and light of things together.” In commenting on God’s supreme goodness as a manifestation of God’s triune self-giving love, Ilia Delio writes that “we can say that God’s being is the embodiment of the self-diffusive good. … Moreover, this self-diffusing goodness and love do not stop here. Delio adds, “Agapic love is the foundation of all created reality.” Indeed, “we can say that creation is truly loved into being” and that “the consummation of the human person and of all created reality is not participation in absolute being but in absolute good or love.”



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