Christ’s Wounds


From Wendy Farley’s Wounding and Healing of Desire: “Christ’s wounds show us what is going on all the time. Governments are murdering and torturing their people. There is affliction and despair. Illness and accident wrack our bodies; drought and pollution wrack the earth. Christ’s wounds do not make these things go away. They show us where the Divine Eros is in all of these things. Christ is there in the world, in hell, at the point of affliction’s sword all the time, regardless of what anyone does, whether we pray or not, whether we hope or not. In prayer, in sickness, in death, Christ is “walking around our bedside.” Christ shows us Erotic power as the power that keeps the story moving toward freedom at every point: at every creation, in beauty, in the dawning of understanding, in love between lovers, in the endless wanderings of the stars, in the first seed of erotic desire, in the dark night of souls, in death and in affliction, in the harrowing, in the release of captives. Contemplation is the desire to rest in that power.



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