1st truth

gecomprimeerd Anneke Kaai Death(1)

From Thich Nhat Hanh’s Good Citizens: “THE FIRST NOBLE TRUTH is the truth of ill-being; there is suffering in this world. Ill-being is translated from the Sanskrit word dukkha. How did the Buddha discover this truth? When he looked around him he saw poverty disease, old age, and death. We all see these things in the course of our lives. Suffering is a reality. If we don’t accept this truth, we can’t progress further. There is suffering inside us and around us. Instead of trying to escape into metaphysical questions such as, “Who created the world?” and “What is the purpose of life?” the Buddha began with the truth he saw around him. This is the first ethical guideline: We have to observe deeply what is happening around us before we can understand its causes and hope to transform it.”



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