From Wendy Farley’s Wounding and Healing of Desire: The temptations of Christ showed us two directions power can flow. In the biblical story, Satan makes every effort to entangle Christ in the power that flows from egocentrism: power to feed oneself, to capture the authority and glory of all the kingdoms of the world, to perform miracles of self-preservation. …In rejecting the power of egocentrism, Christ was not left impotent but was instead filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, the Wild Woman par excellence. Renunciation of egocentrism does not leave us impotent; it fills us with power…. The divine image that is shared among beings establishes us in the deepest possible intimacy with one another. Desire yearns to reestablish the connections that undergird our existence… it moves toward others, delighted by their beauty and moved by their suffering. … Our image of ourselves as isolated beings that may chance to be in relationship with others and may choose to make those relationships more positive is misleading. Christ tells us that whatever we have done to “the least of these” we have done to Christ himself (Matt. 25:40).



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