nic-jonk-jonas-in-de-walvisFrom Thich Nhat Hanh’s Good Citizens: Creating Enlightened Society: We want to call each suffering by its true name. Our sufferings do not exist separately; each is interlinked and interdependent with the others. For instance, the violence in an unhappy family can be linked to the stress of each person. Each parent is too stressed; they have no peace, no calm. Just one word that irritates the other can begin an escalation. So the suffering and the quarreling in a family don’t begin with unkindness, they begin with one person’s pain and stress. That stress is then watered by the stress of the other family members, and irritation and violence grow. So there is an interconnection, an interdependence of things. The suffering of one family is not only inside the family, but it’s linked with many other things.



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