God the Verb


From Paul Knitter’s Without Buddha I Could Not Be A Christian: “Here’s where Buddhism has helped me feel or grasp what all this means. To experience and believe in a Trinitarian God is to experience and believe in a God who is not, as Tillich would say, the Ground of Being, but the Ground of InterBeing! God is the activity of giving and receiving, of knowing and loving, of losing and finding, of dying and living that embraces and infuses all of us, all of creation. Though every image or symbol limps, Christians can and must say what Buddhists might agree with –that if we’re going to talk about God, God is neither a noun nor an adjective. God is a verb! With the word “God” we’re trying to get at an activity that is going on everywhere rather than a Being that exists somewhere. God is much more an environment than a thing.”


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