Blown Into

gecomprimeerd Anneke Kaai Death(1)

From Paul Knitter’s Without Buddha I Could Not Be A Christian: “After Nirvana, one of the most common terms in Buddhism is Sunyata. …literally, Emptiness –but not emptiness in the purely negative sense of nothingness (like a room that is empty), but emptiness in the sense of being able to receive anything (a room that can be filled). The root “su” means empty/ full –“swollen,” not only the hollowness of a balloon, but the potentiality of a pregnant woman. Sunyata attests to the reality that everything does not find its own existence in itself; rather, it is open to, dependent on, and therefore able to contribute to what is other. In this sense, Sunyata reflects the literal meaning of Nirvana: to be blown out, that is, to have one’s own existence blown away and so, blown into the existence of others.”



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