From Paul Knitter’s Without Buddha I Could Not Be A Christian: “As regards salvation, Buddhism has become for me another inspiring reminder that when we Christians talk about “being saved” we’re not simply talking about “getting to heaven.” Yes, we have firm hopes for continued life after death (as we explored in Chapter 4). But that life begins already in this life. In this life, salvation is not just a matter of “previews of coming attractions” –the attractions begin now. And Buddhism has helped me see and feel in my own self that Christian salvation, like Buddhist Awakening, is a matter of waking up to our own unity with God, or oneness with the Spirit. To be saved is to realize that we are indeed children of God; as divine children we can feel the very life and energy of God –that means love and compassion –coursing through our being. To feel truly what Rahner called “our immediacy with God” is to feel the peace and groundedness that enables us to deal with whatever there is to deal with; and it is, also and just as much, to feel a spontaneous and enduring interest in and compassion for all the other of God’s children (which, as the Buddha reminds us, includes all sentient beings).”


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