From Paul Knitter’s Without Buddha I Could Not Be A Christian: “A passage from my journal of March 2000 was trying to express more personally what it means to experience Jesus as a Teacher become-Symbol: In a way that transcends discursive thinking or hard-hitting proof, Jesus the Christ embodies for me the reality of the Spirit/ Divine in my life. He is sacrament, symbol, myth that makes Reality clear and present and gripping. In my mind, as a being swimming in the current of our modern world, I am tossed back and forth on questions of whether there really is a Something More, whether it is truly worthwhile to struggle for love and justice, whether there is anything beyond the portals of death. The results of these struggles are always inconclusive. So, I trust. So I let go. So I believe. It is Jesus, in his story, in his life and death, and especially in the way in which he is present in the community and in my life through the resurrection, that I know in trust what I cannot know in reason.”



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