From Rowan Williams’ Being Christian: Baptism, Bible, Eucharist, Prayer: “And one of the very uncomfortable roles we have to play in the Church is to be prophets to one another –that is, to remind one another what we are here for. By that I don’t mean that every Christian needs to go around nagging every other Christian (attractive as that might be to some kinds of people). I mean rather that we need to be, in a variety of ways, ready to show one another what the integrity of Christian life is about. It is much more a case of nudging one another from time to time and saying, ‘What do you see?’; ‘What’s your vision?’; ‘What are you making yourself accountable to?’ And to go on gently holding one another accountable before God doesn’t mean nagging or censoriousness. It means something much more like a quiet, persistent re-calling of one another to what is most important. We do it silently every time we meet for worship. We do it, ideally, when we meet together privately. We do it in all sorts of ways. The Church needs always to hear that critical voice saying, ‘Back to the beginning, back to where it all comes from. Let’s try and listen again to what God first said to us.’ So, as prophets we lead one another back to the essentials: back to baptism, Bible, Holy Communion and prayer.”


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