With God


From Michael Gorman’s Becoming the Gospel: “One definition of a good Jew is someone who cares about what God cares about. That is not a bad description of a Christian, either. The great Jewish writer Abraham Joshua Heschel claimed that “the fundamental experience of the prophet is a fellowship with the feelings of God” and that “[t]o be a prophet means to identify one’s concern with the concern of God.” It is difficult to resist the conclusion that to be a Jew or a Christian means, in some sense, to be “prophetic” not first of all in the sense of being socially “progressive” or vocally critical of perceived injustices, but simply in Heschel’s sense of having a passionate concern about God’s concerns. The Scriptures of Israel, the Christian Old Testament, testify that one of the things God cares most about is justice ( mishpat; LXX krima and related words) and its cousin, righteousness (tsedheq, tsedhaqah; LXX dikaiosynē).”



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