Baptized Sinners


From Rowan Williams’ Being Christian: Baptism, Bible, Eucharist, Prayer: “So if, as a baptized person, you still sin –don’t panic! Remember that the depths of God’s love still surround you. And when you sin as a baptized person you are not, as it were, stepping right outside the depths of God’s love (unless, of course, you fully and consciously decide to do so). Rather, it is as though you are deliberately ignoring the depths all around you, and not letting the reality of the world’s need and the reality of God’s love come through. So, what you need to do is to take the shutters down again, and you will find that every prayer of penitence that you pray is a taking-down of the shutters and letting the baptismal depths well up around and within you again. And that brings us right back to where we started: the chaos of human sin and disorder and the wind of the Spirit blowing over it, and the embodied love of God going down into the waters and being drawn out again in a blaze of light and a word from heaven, ‘This is my Son!’ The baptized community lives in that mystery, drawn out of chaos, breathing in the wind of the Spirit and hearing from God the words that he speaks to his only Son: ‘You can call me Father.’”



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