From Thich Nhat Hanh’s Good Citizens: Creating Enlightened Society: “The danger of craving is that we believe that the object of our craving is what we really want, that it is what can truly bring us happiness. So we don’t see the danger of running after the object of our craving. But when craving arises in us, we’re no longer at peace. We’re not satisfied with what we have and who we are. The teaching of the Buddha is about living happily right now in the present. But when the flame of craving is inside us, we no longer have the capacity to do that. We believe that without the object of our craving we can’t be really happy, so we lose all our peace and the capacity to be happy in the here and now. How can we undo this fetter? The Buddha used many images to illustrate craving…[one] is that of a dog chewing on a bare bone. No matter how much he chews on the bone, he will never be satisfied, because on the bone there’s no meat, no juice left. Nowadays the bone may be made of plastic. The object of craving is like that. It can never satisfy us.”



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