Life over Death

q-8From Kelly Brown Douglas’ Stand Your Ground: Black Bodies and the Justice of God: “Yes, there is a danger in trying to make meaning out of senseless deaths. What the resurrection points to, however, is not the meaning of Jesus’ death, but of his life. It is revealing that in the Gospels of Mark and Matthew the resurrected Jesus instructs the disciples to “go to Galilee” where he will be. Galilee was the site where Jesus’ life-affirming ministry began. As Jon Sobrino points out, “Galilee is the place of the poor and the despised.” The resurrection of Jesus thus solidifies God’s commitment to the restoration of life for the “crucified class” of people. It reveals that there are “no principalities or powers” that can frustrate or foil God’s power to overcome the crucifying death in the world that not only targets but also creates a “crucified class” of people. To restore to life those whose bodies are the particular targets of the world’s violence is to signal the triumph over crucifying violence and death itself. It is also noteworthy that none of the stories of Jesus’ resurrection takes the disciples back to Golgotha, the site of his death. The crucifixion–resurrection event points to the meaning found in Jesus’ life, not his death. By understanding the resurrection in light of the cross, we know that crucifying realities do not have the last word, and, thus, cannot take away the value of one’s life.”


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