Reading the Bible


From Rowan Williams’ Being Christian: Baptism, Bible, Eucharist, Prayer: “So reading the Bible is about listening to God in Jesus –which is what Christians ought to be doing in all circumstances anyway. It is letting the Holy Spirit bring you inside the story of how God related to the ancient Israelites and the first Christian believers –letting the Holy Spirit bring you inside that story so that you recognize it as your story. Suddenly these bizarre and exotic figures from the ancient Near East look you in the eye, and you recognize your own reflection. You see that they are indeed like you and you are like them. Reading the Bible is about building analogies between then and now, and recognizing in them your story. And developing and maturing in the reading of the Bible involves coming to recognize patterns of faithful and unfaithful response to God in the light of Jesus. That is what begins to happen when you make Christ the centre and focus of your prayerful reading.”


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