Holy Wednesday


Holy Wednesday. From Brian Bantum’s The Death of Race: Building a New Christianity in a Racial World: “But like my baptism, the Christian symbol of participating in Jesus’s death and resurrection, I must name the story that is being put to death. I must struggle to discern what must die and what must live even as I emerge from the water, a new person. This is the call to discipleship. But this is not just a story of my spiritual identity. There are other stories that have shaped my body and my life: the story of race, the story of gender, the story of nation and class. These stories are woven into us, thread-by-thread, commercial-by-commercial, neighborhood-by-neighborhood, and sermon-by-sermon. What is the story of race that has shaped us? How can the Christian story help us to see ourselves, and one another, in more faithful ways? And even more, how can we live for one another’s fullness and flourishing?”



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